Clinics We Offer


Practice Nurse Asthma Clinics 

All asthmatics should have annual asthma check.

Practice Nurse Diabetic Clinics

Unless being cared for by the hospital, all diabetics should attend this clinic at the interval specified by your doctor/nurse.  This is usually every six months if your diabetes is well controlled or more frequently if poorly controlled. The clinic is held on Monday 11:00 – 12:00.

Chronic Heart Disease and Hypertension

The nurses run clinics for the management of these conditions.


Family Planning/Cervical Smear

The practice offers full range of family planning service and advice e.g. oral contraceptive pill, Depo-Provera injection and emergency contraception. A smear is recommended for women between 25 years and 65 years old. 

Child Immunisations and Development Checks

We run childhood immunisation clinics at the surgery.  Either the health visitors or the doctor will discuss these with parents of newborn babies.  Appointments are sent to the patients but more information may be sought from the surgery.  Advice about development and growth checks for all pre-school children is offered.

Maternity Services

We provide antenatal care and postnatal examinations in conjunction with the community midwife. 


Counselling Service

In-house counseling services are available via a doctor’s referral only.

General Nursing

Including dressings, removal of stitches and earl syringing.

Heatlh Checks & Life Style Advice

For all aged over 40-74 contact the surgery for a free NHS Health Check with the nurse-conditions apply.

Leg Ulcer Clinic

This is run by our nurses.


Minor Surgery

Please see your doctor to discuss whether your case is suitable for minor surgery or not.  He/she will then recommend that you make an appointment for minor surgery accordingly.

Health Check

For all aged over 15 who have not had a check at all in the previous five years.  For your health check please make an appointment with the nurse or doctor. Life style advice is offered by the practice nurse.

Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker and want to quit smoking.Please make an appointment with Smoking Cessation advisor/Nurse